Instructions after tooth removal

Tooth removal is a minor surgical procedure. After extraction, you need to take care of the socket carefully so as to allow the healing to happen completely. The empty socket requires a healthy environment for the clotting of blood, which is a prime product for successful healing. On the day of the tooth removal, BiteContinue reading “Instructions after tooth removal”

Dry socket – Reason and treatment

Have you ever felt your socket healing was either slow or not healing at all after tooth removal? or you have pain on the extracted site for more than 3-4 days? WELL, it is probably because of the dry socket. After effective surgical tooth removal, blood clot formation is an essential element for the healingContinue reading “Dry socket – Reason and treatment”

Benefits of the laser-assisted wisdom tooth removal

Impaction of wisdom tooth is pretty common nowadays. This is due to the fact that we decline our masticatory power by adopting to easily chewable food items. As an outcome, reduction in the jaw size has been adopting from the newer generations. The third molar that has to erupt in the early 20’s get stuckContinue reading “Benefits of the laser-assisted wisdom tooth removal”