DENTISTRY, Oral Diseases

Bruxism or teeth grinding management

Do you have the habit of clenching your teeth or bruxism and ever wonder why you do so? or sometimes, you might not even realized that you were clenching your teeth; however, you had landed up with jaw pain? Well, then here I am to explain why you do so and how could it be… Continue reading Bruxism or teeth grinding management

Health and Hygiene, MEDICINE

Burnout – a raising detrimental ailment

In this fast pacing world, burn-out is nothing but exhaustion due to prolonged physical, mental and emotional stress and nowadays, it is typically faced by one and all. Because of it's high prevalence in the recent years, it has become one of the prevailing complaints in the day-to-day clinical practice. Who are all the possible… Continue reading Burnout – a raising detrimental ailment

DENTISTRY, Oral Hygiene And Gum Therapy

Reasons for swollen gums

Gums swelling has been a frequent issue faced by almost everyone of us. Sometimes you might wonder why do you acquire it when you feel your hygiene is adequate. However, the reason varies from person to person and not every enlargements are the same. There are local and systemic factors which contributes invariably for gums… Continue reading Reasons for swollen gums