Pregnancy in dentistry – importance and safety

Pregnancy is a unique experience in a woman’s life. The period of gestation filled with mixed emotions like happiness, fear, anxiety and sorrow. In the phase of pregnancy, you have to be very keen on taking care of your health for the sake of your baby’s well-being. Your overall health is extremely important during pregnancy,Continue reading “Pregnancy in dentistry – importance and safety”

When to have a dental visit?

Hello everyone, today on Doctors day, I am extremely overwhelmed after receiving wishes from my patients, well-wishers, family and friends. So blessed to have positive vibes around me, and this is what acts as a motivational booster to serve better. Yes, what else is required than a heartwarming wish from loved people in and around?Continue reading “When to have a dental visit?”

Liver cancer risk due to poor oral hygiene

Does the title have alarmed you! Yes, the study alarmed me too. Research with 6 years of follow-ups has found that there is a strong correlation between the risk of developing liver cancer and poor oral hygiene. As I always highlight the importance of oral health and how it has interlinked with other body structures,Continue reading “Liver cancer risk due to poor oral hygiene”