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What happens when you skip breakfast

Do you have the habit of skipping breakfast often? Probably you are here because either you or some of your loved ones are skipping morning diet or at-least starting metabolism pretty late. Well, that might seems to be acceptable to some of you when particularly, you are too much involved into the work and literally… Continue reading What happens when you skip breakfast

DENTISTRY, Oral Hygiene And Gum Therapy

Systemic diseases associated with gum disease

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is not only important for oral health but also in some instance it is significant to avoid risk factors of certain systemic ailments. Mild gum inflammation when left unattended for long term will more likely prognose into Periodontitis, which is the chronic irreversible damaged condition of the gums, with or without… Continue reading Systemic diseases associated with gum disease

DENTISTRY, Oral Hygiene And Gum Therapy

Reasons for swollen gums

Gums swelling has been a frequent issue faced by almost everyone of us. Sometimes you might wonder why do you acquire it when you feel your hygiene is adequate. However, the reason varies from person to person and not every enlargements are the same. There are local and systemic factors which contributes invariably for gums… Continue reading Reasons for swollen gums

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diabetes meal plan

Please note that this particular meal plan is suitable for INDIAN OR ASIAN DIET. It might not be an acceptable one for others. Kindly excuse. Diabetes being one of the most common health pathological condition in today's word, food we eat has a pivotal role in controlling the situation. Apart from insulin level and other… Continue reading diabetes meal plan


Diabetes and its oral effects

Increased blood glucose level will not only affects the internal organs but also it has its own hazardous effects on the oral cavity and its associated structures. Effect on gums : Diabetes will influence the onset and course of gum diseases. As such, gums may not get weakened out of diabetes directly, but it will… Continue reading Diabetes and its oral effects