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Effect of alcohol during dental treatment

The most common symptom of any dental problem is “ pain”. It could be range from mild to severe, sharp and  throbbing to diffuse and dull kind of sensation. As the dental tissue possess only the pain receptors, it is the only way of expressing the insult. Unfortunately it is tougher to handle though. In… Continue reading Effect of alcohol during dental treatment

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Person 1 : I think i wanted to clean my teeth. I am having bleeding gums and bad breath. But I have never done it before. So i am certainly scared of going to the dentist. Will the procedure be very painful? person 2: don't you brush your teeth regularly!!!! person 1: definitely i do it… Continue reading FEAR OF TEETH CLEANING

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Have you ever stuck up with choosing the oil for cooking ??? Here are some facts to be considered and to know before choosing the oils... For the country like india we are definitely not on the right track for choosing oils. Earlier people use to consume oil of what they get from their locality( for… Continue reading ESSENTIAL OILS

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Tooth sensitivity

OMGGGG !!!!! What a shooting pain was this !!!! For cold and hot and sweet and sour....For everything and on everything i eat...was this pain or sensitivity !!!! My dentist calls this sensitvity and i say this as PAIN.... (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Had you ever visited your dentist for this reason !!!! Or… Continue reading Tooth sensitivity

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Tooth avulsion and its management

What if a tooth gets knocked in an accident??? Is that so we lose that tooth permanently??? No, there are still ways to save those from further damage by acting promptly. Trauma can occur anytime. Depend on the amount of injury occured, it can be treated from the conservative way to an advanced procedures. (adsbygoogle… Continue reading Tooth avulsion and its management