Treatment for unattractive smile

Your smile matters a lot. The first thing people notice in you is your smile. Not everybody gets the privilege of perfectly aligned dentition. You may tend to hide your mouth while smiling just because you are conscious about your teeth alignment. Dentistry has evolved in many aspects to get you the perfect smile as you need. You can confidently smile hereafter without compromising your charm through dental intervention. 

Treatment options for an unattractive smile:

An unattractive smile can be because of stained teeth, crooked teeth, chipped teeth, missing teeth, spaced and overlapped teeth. Depending on your concern, treatment option varies. 

Teeth whitening:

Stains are corrected with teeth whitening. Mild to moderately discoloured teeth are treated with teeth whitening procedure. You can opt for in-office treatment where every sitting takes place in the dental office, or you can opt for an at-home procedure where a special tray is fabricated, that fit into your mouth to carry the teeth whitening gel. As per the instruction given by the dentist, you are expected to use the tray to achieve the desired result. The treatment is the steady process, where you can evident a gradual improvement in your teeth shade. 

Veneers and Lumineers:

This is a thin shell-like structure that covers the enamel of the teeth. For severely stained teeth where teeth whitening treatment cannot give the actual whiteness, veneers are preferred. Some teeth anomalies certainly need veneers because of the weak tooth structure. 

Veneers and Lumineers are also used to correct mildly crooked teeth, to cover the spacing between the teeth and to correct mild overlaps. Ceramic veneers will exactly resemble your natural teeth and do not compromise your aesthetics. 

Dental bonding:

Dental composites are used in dental bonding treatment. The material is exactly matched with your teeth colour to make it appear natural, pleasing and attractive. It is used to correct mild crookedness in the teeth like cracked or chipped teeth, to close minimal gaps between the teeth, and to change the size, shape, length and colour of the teeth that well suits your facial appearance. 

Orthodontic braces:

Severely crooked teeth are corrected with orthodontic management. Apart from conventional metal and ceramic braces, new technologies have invented clear aligners (Invisalign) that can treat crooked teeth without wires and braces. These are soft splints that are specially designed and fabricated according to your teeth alignment.

Enamel shaping:

Mildly crowded teeth and that are with uneven heights can be contoured evenly with enamel shaping. The outer layer of the tooth called enamel is contoured to realign the arch form.


When your tooth requires major changes that a veneer and enamel shaping cannot provide, is best contoured using crowns. Tooth texture and characterisation can be matched and recreated according to your natural teeth. 


In the case of missing one or two teeth, the adjacent teeth tend to migrate to the open space and misalign the arch. Implants can, in fact, helps to maintain your bone density and quality apart from correcting the arch line. 

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