For the better future environment

On behalf of world’s environmental day, here i am coming up with a few ideas that we can apply it on in our day-to-day life, to give a positive impact on our environment.

Our little contribution can bring a huge change on the nature, that we are blessed to have with ever.

To save our future environment,

Avoid the use of plastics.

  • Rite from using straw to carry bag and storage box we do have alternatives. Those are actually an essential practice rather than being alternative.
  • Sipping the juice will provide better digestion rather than drinking with the straw.
  • Likewise storing food in the glass or metal box will have better shelf life.

 Conserve thermal energy.

  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Turn off your house device when you do not use it. 
  • Do remember to switch off the electricity while leaving the room.

Conserve water.

  • Judicious use of water is mandatory for future survival.
  • Simply close the tap when not in use, even if the missed out time is for a minute.
  • Reduce the water flow and get use to it.
  • Fix the leaky faucet.
  • Water your lawn in the early morning.
  • Wash a full load of laundry or adjust the water level to the size of your load.
  • Avoid contaminating the sources of water.
  • Conserve rain water.

Minimize air pollution.

  • For travelling shorter distance, prefer walking or bicycle rather than opting motor cycle. This also helps to keep you fit.
  • Do not overfill the fuel tank, that may cause leakage of hydrocarbons.
  • Do not burn your yard waste.

Plant a tree.

  • Develop the habit of planting a tree on a regular basis. May be on the weekly or monthly once !!!In this concrete jungle, Let that bring a fresh feel for sore eyes..

Do not waste food.

  • Do not make dishes until you have a full load and make only as how much required.

Proper use of waste bin.

  • Do not put hazardous materials in the trash.
  • Follow proper waste management protocol
  • Do not litter.

Donate clothes.

Donate clothes and other gently used household items to the charitable organization rather than throwing it away.


A small change in our perception

One day,  a kid who was into his regular activities started noticing some sort of changes within him. He doesnt know what was that, but he felt it… He started to feel the difference so deep, he couldn’t resist himself from what was within him. Slowly he tried to change his appearance but still he found it hard to do so… The little heart pumped to search answer for himself… Why can’t he able to be like himself?? Why only he feel such difference within him and why not his friends??? His questions left unanswered..He felt so void and incomplete, made him to weep weep and weeppp…

But how long??? How long could he hold his breath??? Days passed…people started to notice his change in behaviour. His friends went apart( atleast their parents hold them), his playground went empty when he was in. His school wasn’t seems like before, he sat all alone in his desk, no one came nearby. He was cornered.

And so his parents too. They couldn’t take up this. Their concern was more on their society and not on their son. He was abused both physically and mentally. How long could he cry??? Neither family nor society accepted him from what he was going through. He mourn and mourn… But nothing helped him. He lost his temper, he crossed his threshold, he understood nothing going to help in holding him from what he was going through…

Finally he decided to let it go as how it goes. He changed his appearance, he changed his identity. He changed from HE TO SHE. He knew his house was no more his house, his family and friends were no more belongs to him, and so his school too. Still he felt happy to leave them. He found nowhere to the circle were he meant to be.

For an instant, let everyone of us put ourselves in the situation of how i narrated and feel how it would be!!!!!!!! Is that painful????? and so for them too….

Losing your indentity is not that easy to be accepted by yourself, then why to corner them????? What will they do if their hormones misbehave???? Why they have to be punishable for no crime????? Not even their fault rite!!!!!

That boy would have felt his first deep relief only after seeing the people of his own kind… Is that because they are all alike??? No, definitely not. It is all because ONLY THEY HAVE ACCEPTED HIM FOR WHAT HE IS. We (society) made them to move away. Ain’t that true!!!!

Oh my dear, are you scared of their rough and harsh behavior!!! May be yes, even i do!! But why they do so??what made them?? They consider it as their armed protection from this society, to overcome grieve they face...

All they need is a place for them in this society. A small change in our perception can give them a life.

Why cant we give a try !!!! How it would be, When all the institutions, all the forms and certificates, public places possess a special category called “Special gender or transgender” !!!

How it would be, when all of us address each of them with “Mx” !!!! They too do have emotions, they too strive to live a decent life in this society, to get a qualified education, to get a job to earn and to live and give…. They are not meant to beg for money but they left with no option… They actually beg for respect, to value their life, afterall they also own this motherland… Though a few institutions, companies and a few public places provide them a special place to move on, the ratio is very small… Irrespective of special provisions, let them to be one among us…

Let us widen our vision, to let them live…