12 amazing oral facts to know

Like other structures of the body, the oral structure is also unique in many ways. Here comes the most exciting facts about your mouth, that surprise you. ORAL FACTS #1 Masticatory muscles especially masseter is one of the strongest muscle in the body. It is as strongest as your biceps and triceps and holds theContinue reading “12 amazing oral facts to know”

Bad breath that actually hints systemic illness

Almost everyone feels unsecured because of bad breath and hesitate to develop a conversation with anyone. When 90% of halitosis is because of oral condition and its corresponding poor oral hygiene, 10-15% of halitosis indicates underlying systemic diseases. bad breath that hints systemic illness : Poor oral hygiene : In most instance, oral problems areContinue reading “Bad breath that actually hints systemic illness”

Bruxism or teeth grinding management

Do you have the habit of clenching your teeth or bruxism and ever wonder why you do so? or sometimes, you might not even realized that you were clenching your teeth; however, you had landed up with jaw pain? Well, then here I am to explain why you do so and how could it beContinue reading “Bruxism or teeth grinding management”