5 common reasons for mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are inevitably faced by every one of us at one or the other time of our life. Have you ever wondered what cause these ulcers? Sometimes, we believe they come for no reason. However, it has to be understood that they are the reflections of our bodily reactions. Here come the common 5Continue reading “5 common reasons for mouth ulcers”

Tongue-tie reasons and its management

It is uncommon to lead a life without moving your tongue. Think how difficult it would be if such a scenario happens. Your tongue is the major organ for tasting the food you desire and to express your feelings with better communication. With the restriction in its movements, it’s pretty hard to survive as youContinue reading “Tongue-tie reasons and its management”

Clicking sound in the jaw and its reason

Temperomandibular Joint ( TMJ ) is nothing but the joint where your lower jaw articulates with the skull. It is highly secured with strong masticatory muscles and its function pertains to mandibular movements. Although its location is in a secure environment, sometimes you might have heard the clicking sound while opening or closing the mouth,Continue reading “Clicking sound in the jaw and its reason”