Burnout – a raising detrimental ailment

In this fast pacing world, burn-out is nothing but exhaustion due to prolonged physical, mental and emotional stress and nowadays, it is typically faced by one and all. Because of it’s high prevalence in the recent years, it has become one of the prevailing complaints in the day-to-day clincial practice. Who are all the possible Read more about Burnout – a raising detrimental ailment[…]


10 Natural ways of dealing stress

Pain and stress has strong correlation and inter related to each other. In the present world, depression is one of the chronic disorder which negatively impact the persons growth. When a person is on chronic stress, eventually he will become hyperalgesic, where he shows extreme sensitivity to mild stimulation and vice versa. The tolerating capacity Read more about 10 Natural ways of dealing stress[…]

5 Simple ways to overcome laziness

Everybody wants to be physically and mentally active, to spend the day in the useful manner, but unfortunately we all will have certain level of laziness to kick start it initially and most importantly, predominant of us fails to maintain the active routine effectively. The main cause could be the abrupt lack of motivation or Read more about 5 Simple ways to overcome laziness[…]

Effects of yoga on chronic pain

PAIN Pain is the natural process to indicate the body about an unnatural or unusual happening; it could be physical or mental pain. Depending on the one’s own ability to overcome the pain, the severity scale may get varied. More-than the physical strength, it is crucial to have mental stability in order to handle the Read more about Effects of yoga on chronic pain[…]

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