Dental Implant In Medically Compromised patients

Dental implants are the superior technology in the era of modern dentistry and it is the best way to replace your lost oral functions. Some of you might worry about implant success, just because of your health condition. You may be doubtful whether your health could support for implant treatment and some may try toContinue reading “Dental Implant In Medically Compromised patients”

Benefits of placing dental implants using lasers

Laser technology gives an incredible result in the field of dentistry, and the process of placing dental implants is nowhere exceptional. Laser technique provides an outstanding result for the success of the dental implant procedure. It plays a pivotal role in the world of modern dentistry.    Benefits of placing dental implants using lasers:  Continue reading “Benefits of placing dental implants using lasers”

Dental crown and bridge – tips and hacks

Are you wearing dental crown/cap and new to it? are you not sure about how to maintain it properly? Well, then this blog is exactly for you. No matter if you are a newbie or have experience with tooth crowns and bridges, it is required to have some insights about how to manage them, whichContinue reading “Dental crown and bridge – tips and hacks”