Gum disease treatment options

Gum disease is a worrisome condition in dental care. More than annoying, it would create trouble for the overall functionality and chewing efficacy. You might wonder why your teeth are shaking. Well, it generally happens when the tooth-supporting structures like gums, ligaments and bones are weak.  Reasons for gum disease : There are various factorsContinue reading “Gum disease treatment options”

gum hyperpigmentation and its management

Are you worried about darker shades of your gums and looking for a solution? Well, there are ways to get rid of hyperpigmentation; however, before heading to the treatment options I would like to emphasis that you are not the only person with darker gums(gingiva). Like our skin tone, gums are also unique in natureContinue reading “gum hyperpigmentation and its management”

Systemic illness associated with gum disease

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is not only important for oral health but also in some instance, it is significant to avoid risk factors of certain systemic illness. Mild gum inflammation can progress into periodontitis when left untreated. It is the chronic irreversible condition of the gum damage, with or without tooth loss. Mechanism of theContinue reading “Systemic illness associated with gum disease”