Can oral infection cause sinus pain?

Sinus pain is a common issue in this polluted atmosphere and the most commonly affected one is the maxillary sinuses. But sometimes we don’t understand the exact reason for tenderness over the sinus. If you encounter a pain in the cheek region for no cause, and even if recurrence is predominant after multiple course of Read more about Can oral infection cause sinus pain?[…]


Dry mouth – cause and effect

Less amount of saliva secretion cause dry mouth. It is a clinical manifestation of salivary gland dysfunction. There are various factors that causes dry mouth. Various causes for dry mouth :  Radiation induced  Radiation therapy to head and neck region for cancer treatment affects the salivary gland cells (dose dependent) causing dry mouth. Medicine/ drug Read more about Dry mouth – cause and effect[…]

Effect of tobacco on the oral cavity

A week after the world anti-tobacco day, it is good to write a blog on smoking and its adverse effects to the oral cavity. Tobacco as such is a carcinogen (cancer causing agent). From inflammation till cancer, tobacco can cause anything and everything. A few notable effects that tobacco could cause to oral cavity are, Read more about Effect of tobacco on the oral cavity[…]

Tooth sensitivity

OMGGGG !!!!! What a shooting pain was this !!!! For cold and hot and sweet and sour….For everything and on everything i eat…was this pain or sensitivity !!!! My dentist calls this sensitvity and i say this as PAIN…. Had you ever visited your dentist for this reason !!!! Or on least case, had you Read more about Tooth sensitivity[…]

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