Clicking sound in the jaw and its reason

Temperomandibular Joint ( TMJ ) is nothing but the joint where your lower jaw articulates with the skull. It is highly secured with strong masticatory muscles and its function pertains to mandibular movements. Although its location is in a secure environment, sometimes you might have heard the clicking sound while opening or closing the mouth,Continue reading “Clicking sound in the jaw and its reason”

platelet-rich plasma therapy in dentistry

How it would be if healing occurs much easily with minimal harm with the help of our own blood? Yes, it is possible to improve and enhance healing either it could be in chronic inflammation like osteoporosis, or any surgical procedures, or for hair growth, or for tissue repair in case of damages to tendons,Continue reading “platelet-rich plasma therapy in dentistry”

Bruxism or teeth grinding management

Do you have the habit of clenching your teeth or bruxism and ever wonder why you do so? or sometimes, you might not even realized that you were clenching your teeth; however, you had landed up with jaw pain? Well, then here I am to explain why you do so and how could it beContinue reading “Bruxism or teeth grinding management”