Can oral infection cause sinus pain?

Sinus pain is a common issue in this polluted atmosphere and the most commonly affected one is the maxillary sinuses. But sometimes we don’t understand the exact reason for tenderness over the sinus. If you encounter a pain in the cheek region for no cause, and even if recurrence is predominant after multiple course of Read more about Can oral infection cause sinus pain?[…]


Meal plan for diabetes

Please note that this particular meal plan is suitable for INDIAN OR ASIAN DIET. It might not be an acceptable one for others. Kindly excuse. Diabetes being one of the most common health pathological condition in today’s word, food we eat has a pivotal role in controlling the situation. Apart from insulin level and other Read more about Meal plan for diabetes[…]

Oral care during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the different phase of life for women. Like every other precautions, it is extremely important to take good care of oral structures in order to prevent potential emergency conditions. It is not merely advisable to undergo advanced dental treatment plans particularly during the first and third trimesters. Hence, good oral care during and Read more about Oral care during pregnancy[…]

Diabetes and its oral effects

Increased blood glucose level will not only affects the internal organs but also it has its own hazardous effects on the oral cavity and its associated structures. Effect on gums : Diabetes will influence the onset and course of gum diseases. As such, gums may not get weakened out of diabetes directly, but it will Read more about Diabetes and its oral effects[…]

10 Natural ways of dealing stress

Pain and stress has strong correlation and inter related to each other. In the present world, depression is one of the chronic disorder which negatively impact the persons growth. When a person is on chronic stress, eventually he will become hyperalgesic, where he shows extreme sensitivity to mild stimulation and vice versa. The tolerating capacity Read more about 10 Natural ways of dealing stress[…]

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