Benefits of the laser-assisted wisdom tooth removal

Impaction of wisdom tooth is pretty common nowadays. This is due to the fact that we decline our masticatory power by adopting to easily chewable food items. As an outcome, reduction in the jaw size has been adopting from the newer generations. The third molar that has to erupt in the early 20’s get stuckContinue reading “Benefits of the laser-assisted wisdom tooth removal”

Laser-assisted root canal treatment

The necessity for the root canal treatment takes place when the bacteria invade the pulp. Sometimes, the innermost structure of the tooth called pulp exposes to the surroundings due to other factors. Such conditions also might require root canal treatment. In any of the above cases, there are chances for the pulp with bacterial invasion.Continue reading “Laser-assisted root canal treatment”

Laser treatment for gum diseases

Gum diseases are highly unpredictable. Bacteria can easily attack the gums as the oral environment is full of microbes. Almost every one of you will have some level of gum infection. But the severity varies from person-to-person. Not only microbes, but there are various reasons for swollen gums. If your gum diseases are not treatedContinue reading “Laser treatment for gum diseases”