Instructions after tooth removal

tooth removal

Tooth removal is a minor surgical procedure. After extraction, you need to take care of the socket carefully so as to allow the healing to happen completely. The empty socket requires a healthy environment for the clotting of blood, which is a prime product for successful healing.

On the day of the tooth removal,

Bite the cotton firmly for about one hour

Avoid hot and spicy food for three days

Do not spit the saliva instead keep swallowing it for a day.

Never rinse the mouth heavily for a day

Do not use straw kind of stuff for drinking liquid, just do sipping.

Avoid forceful sneeze and cough for three days

Keep an ice pack on the cheek over the tooth removed region ( particularly for the extraction of wisdom teeth )

Hydrate well

Take the medications correctly as per the prescription.

Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption for a week.

Do not bite and check the cheeks or lips for three hours after extraction because of numbness feeling.

If any abnormal bleeding encountered or if mild bleed does not stop for 6 hours after the extraction, immediately report to the hospital.

From the next day of extraction,

Rinse the mouth well for 4-5 times with warm saline water ( 2 ml of salt mixed with 250 ml of lukewarm water)

Brush and floss every day to remove plaque formation

Do gentle brushing on the tooth removal site for three days

Gently start with mouth opening exercise after 48 hours of extraction

Do not stop antibiotics (if prescribed) in a day or two just because you became symptom-free. Complete the full course as recommended.

If sutures are placed, report to the hospital after a week for its removal.

Maintain proper oral hygiene for asymptomatic healing

If you have any abnormal pain even after three days of extraction, possibly, it could be due to the dry socket. Kindly report to the dental hospital.

If you are not able to open the mouth adequately or encountering pain while opening after 4-5 days of extraction, it could be due to trismus. Which more likely indicates inadequate mouth opening exercises. Keep the warm compression on the cheek for 4-5 times on regular interval and report to the hospital.

Let your socket to heal smoothly with a little extra care.

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