Dental Implant In Medically Compromised patients

dental implant

Dental implants are the superior technology in the era of modern dentistry and it is the best way to replace your lost oral functions. Some of you might worry about implant success, just because of your health condition. You may be doubtful whether your health could support for implant treatment and some may try to hide your real health status, just to get the treatment done. Although systemic condition plays a major role in dental implant surgery, with some treatment adjustments and preventive measures it is pretty much possible to place a successful implant. 

What is medically compromised condition?

Medically compromised refers to those who have health ailments like heart, liver or kidney diseases, neurological dysfunction, immune depletion, pregnancy, diabetes, allergic conditions, bleeding disorders, cancer, and much more. This also includes habits like smoking or alcohol. Any systemic illness has a part in implant treatment. For that reason, it is utmost important to reveal your medical history. 

Relationship between systemic health illnesses and dental implant surgery:

Many health ailments will alter the body’s response to new surgical procedures. Accordingly, the treatment plan has to be adjusted for a successful result. Such conditions include,


Long term steroidal therapy will probably affect bone density. Revealing your steroidal treatment helps to analyse the bone strength, takes adequate measures to increase the bone thickness and to plan the implant site accordingly.

Cardiac disease:

Heart attack, stroke or any cardiac surgeries can pose you the risk for subacute bacterial infections. Also, you will be taking medicines to prevent clotting of blood. For such factors and complications, some changes in the medications have to be done before starting the implant process. Every minute changes in the cardiovascular system, including your blood pressure matters. Not only for the success of implant treatment but mainly to avoid undesirable health complications. 

Bleeding disorder:

Since any surgery requires some amount of blood loss, not revealing your bleeding disorder will put your health in trouble. However, planning a surgery under bleeding disorder protocols helps to control excessive bleeding and would not risks your life. 


Organ transplantation, sexually transmitted diseases, chronic lung disease, cancer, etc can affect the osseointegration of the implant. Without osseointegration, the success of an implant is questionable. Precautionary measures are taken to promote immunity and osseointegration if you are immunocompromised. 

Neuro-psychiatric disorder:

 Just like physical illness, people under psychiatric treatment are the same for a dentist. It is absolutely not necessary for hiding the mental breakdown. Since a dental implant involves a huge set of time taking process, the regular treatment method may not be a supportive one for psychiatric patients. More care is necessary to assure your mental well-being. By sharing the mental illness, you are doing the biggest favour for us to render the most comfortable and successful treatment.


Diabetes is more common in today’s world. However, it is not taken for a granted health condition. Uncontrolled diabetes is a major cause of implant failures. If you are diabetic, feel free to give your sugar values. It will tremendously help us to give you the most successful implant. 

Smoking and alcohol:

Habits like smoking and alcohol will badly affect healing and osseointegration. Although if you have the habit, it is mandatory for you to avoid for the time being until we give the green signal. Your ability to control the habits during this time will determine the rate of healing. 

Head and neck cancer:

You need to give a gap of minimum 9 months after radiotherapy to go for implant treatment. Necrosis of the bones due to radiation needs to recover before placing the implant. Failing to reveal the actual time period will terribly lead to compromise your jaw bone.

Likewise, bone diseases, mucosal diseases, titanium allergy, hyposalivation, will all have their own impact on the success of implant treatment. 


Though it’s possible to give the most successful dental implant treatment in spite of your medically compromised health condition, ignorance will cause the failure. Successful dental implant treatment is open for every individual, however, we need to work together with a little open mind for the complete triumph. 

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