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Dry socket – Reason and treatment

Dry socket

Have you ever felt your socket healing was either slow or not healing at all after tooth removal? or you have pain on the extracted site for more than 3-4 days? WELL, it is probably because of the dry socket. After effective surgical tooth removal, blood clot formation is an essential element for the healing to take place. When the blood clot is dislodged or distorted from the socket, healing becomes extremely slow or nil. This condition is called a dry socket.

Reasons for dry socket :

Dislodgement of blood clot from the socket

Difficulty in removing the tooth because of its anatomical hindrance

Person underwent radiotherapy recently

Use of oral contraceptives

signs and symptoms of dry socket :

It usually occurs a couple of days after tooth removal sometimes may appear after five to ten days as well.

The tooth removed region becomes very painful with necrotic bone, foul-smelling and without pus formation.

The pain may get radiate to the neck and ear region

Some patients may encounter mild fever and lymph node enlargement

Treatment and instructions :

Do warm saline gargle and immediately report to the dental surgeon

Complete debridement with ample of saline irrigation and ZOE + iodoform dressing will be given

You need to visit the dental hospital every day for dressing, at least for a week.

Usually, the pain will vanish in a day or two after debridement, providing that if you follow the proper instruction and report to the hospital for dressing.

precautionary methods:

Don’t blow after tooth removal

Should not use the straw for drinking liquids on the day of extraction, this may dislodge the blood clots easily

Try to swallow the salivary secretions for one day. Spitting forcefully may disturb the clot

However, after a day, epithelium would have formed and protect the socket and promote healing. Only a day of cautiousness will extremely help you to overcome the dry socket.



Textbook of oral pathology by Shafers

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