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Oral care during pregnancy


Pregnancy is a different phase of life for women. Like every other precaution, it is extremely important to take good care of oral structures in order to prevent potential emergency conditions. It is not merely advisable to undergo advanced dental treatment plans, particularly during the first and third trimesters. Hence, good oral care during and expecting a period of pregnancy would be a way better solution.

During pregnancy, gums are typically sensitive due to hormonal changes. Presence of microbes, plaque and calculus on the tooth structure would instantly trigger for the inflammation of the gingiva and profuse bleeding. Bleeding from gums would be more likely in excessive amount during pregnancy than the normal days. This condition may lead to the condition called pregnancy gingivitis or to pyogenic granuloma.


Proper brushing and flossing

It is one effective way to control bacterial buildups. Nevertheless, it is inevitable to remove plaque and calculus efficiently through brushing. It is advisable to maintain routine dental checkup once in 6 months and do proper prophylaxis management if needed.

Warm saline gargle

It is a natural antiseptic and well-accepted during the entire course of time.


Use of mouthwash is recommended only after the dentist’s consultation. Because certain medicines are prone to cause fetal damage.

Oil pulling:

oil pulling is one safest naturopathy to protect the teeth and the gums. Making it daily in the morning empty stomach creates magic to your oral health.

Treatment recommendation:

Any tooth decay from minute to severe damages are better to treat in well advance preferably during the planning phase of pregnancy. Importantly, third molar impaction has to be sorted out and removed if required before pregnancy as it is prone to trigger pain, infection and becomes symptomatic during the time of pregnancy.

Even though second trimester ( 4,5 and 6th months of gestation) is the safest time to do the dental procedures, it perhaps has to carried out with additional precautionary measures. Thus actively involving to prevent such scenarios are better options for both mother and the fetus. Nevertheless, it is possible to undergo valuable treatment during pregnancy.

As said, prevention is better than cure.

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