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Non-invasive ways to correct gummy smile

gummy smile

Are you worried about over-exposed gums? To your surprise, gummy smiles are treatable. However, the surprising element is not in the factor that it can be treatable. But with the fact that it can be treatable incredibly in a non-invasive manner. Gummy smiles might affect your beautiful ear-to-ear grin. Although orthognathic surgery was one of the best methods of treatment, not everyone is willing for surgery. Here comes a non-invasive way to treat the gummy smile. 


Reasons for a gummy smile:


Excessive upper jaw bone:


When you have excessive upper jaw bone height, it will eventually reflect on your smile. Because of the prominent maxillary bone, your smile will expose too much of gums. 


Hyperactive upper lip:


In case, if your upper lip and its supporting muscles constrict too much while smiling, it will reflect your upper lip way beyond the requirement. Too much of upper lip constriction will, in turn, make the gums to look prominent while grinning. 


Excessive gum growth:


Your gums might become hypertrophy because of some medications or conditions like hormonal influence, infection, etc. these factors will expose excessive gums while smiling. 


Non-invasive ways to correct gummy smile:


More than the conventional approaches, the recent technological developments are incredibly taking up the dentistry to the next level. It is highly possible to treat the gummy smile without shedding blood, incisions or sutures. These are extremely comfortable techniques, that gives you an instant solution to treat gummy smiles. 


Laser-assisted gummy smile correction :


The laser is one best tool to contour the gums without shedding blood. The laser can remove excessive gum growth precisely. In case, if you have a smaller tooth crown, then the crown lengthening procedures are done with lasers. This will reduce the overexposure of gums. If you are an ideal candidate, then gum contouring will eliminate the need for surgical interventions.


Botox fillers for a gummy smile :


Botox fillers are extremely helpful to control the hyperactive upper lips and muscles. When the Botox fillers are injected over the upper lips. It relaxes the muscular activities around the injected portion. By doing so, the upper lip can cover the gummy smile effectively while grinning. 


However, botox treatment is not a one-time solution. The action of the Botox injection will last for 4-6 months. You need to take re-injection to maintain the integrity of the upper lips. Nevertheless, the injection process is extremely painless. The dentist will use an ultra-thin needle to deliver the Botox fillers. It is extremely thin that can mask even the prick. 




It is possible to cover the gummy smile non-invasively without troubling your lifestyle. Catch your smile happily ever. 


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