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Benefits of placing dental implants using lasers

dental implant

Laser technology gives an incredible result in the field of dentistry, and the process of placing dental implants is nowhere exceptional. Laser technique provides an outstanding result for the success of the dental implant procedure. It plays a pivotal role in the world of modern dentistry. 


Benefits of placing dental implants using lasers:




You know that dental implants are the surgical procedure. It is highly crucial to maintain the surgical site sterile. Chances of infection might directly impact the success of implant treatment. Your oral environment might reject the dental implant and cause treatment failure, in case, the surgical site gets contaminate. 


Use of laser is an effective tool to sterilise the surgical area during the procedure. The laser has antimicrobial property [1] that can kill the bacteria and other microbes extensively. By using lasers, the chances of contamination are either extremely less or nil. This gives a highly secured atmosphere to carry over the treatment favourably.  


Less bleeding:


You may need to shed blood during the dental implant surgical intervention. But, the use of a laser can fastly occlude the blood vessel and minimise bleeding. The laser has an excellent electrocautery property that is dual in purpose. While serving the treatment process, it also cares about the blood loss. You certainly no need to drop your precious blood beyond a level. 


Minimally invasive:


Laser-assisted dental implant procedures are minimally invasive technique than the conventional method. Opening the surgical site using the lasers will elicit a well-controlled approach. The laser beam is emitted in a narrowed path, thus only the necessary amount of bones and soft tissue that required for placing the dental implants are removed. 


Protecting healthy tissue:


Because of its minimally invasive approach, the surrounding healthy structures are secured and safeguarded.  The necessity of removing healthy tissue is negative while opening the surgical site with laser technology. Uncomplicate dental implant treatment is very much possible with a laser technique. 


Fast healing:


Since the entire treatment takes place in the minimally invasive manner, the healing of the surgical site is extremely fast. Such a fast heal is purely because of the laser. Placing dental implants in the well-protected environment is certainly superior to that of the conventional approaches.  



Better osseointegration of the dental implants:


The process of fusion between the dental implants and the jaw bone is called osseointegration. Implants are made of titanium, which is a highly biocompatible material. For the purpose of additional protection, the surface of the implant integrates laser-assisted titanium phosphate coating. This technique will eventually enhance the osseointegration process. Laser treatment acts as a shield against infection. 


Technical precision:


Placing dental implant using laser technology is incredibly precise and accurate. The chances of implant failure are like something impossible while using dental laser technique. Technically sound process due to well-controlled procedural approach. 




Placing dental implants using lasers have overwhelmingly superior property and success rate. The dental implant is a one-time procedure, that has to be long-lasting without any complication. Implants are highly in a stable environment with the help of laser. 

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