Tooth friendly travel tips and tricks


Even it is for business or to get out of tedious routine, we prefer to travel for a week or a month. Drenching ourself with the joy of a new location and different environment gives the immense feel of calmness and comfort. This would certainly seduce the mind. Nevertheless, such a long trip, locally or to abroad, whatever it may be, you can’t afford enough to lose your oral hygiene. Your mouth is the biggest host for microbial survivals, certainly, you can’t make a plan to roam around without taking necessary steps to protect your oral environment. Here come the possible oral hacks, that you can plan during your travel effortlessly.

Tooth friendly travel tips:

Eat fibre-rich food during travel :

Eating raw fruits and vegetables while travelling will help to massage the gums and remove sticky items from the oral cavity. Fibre-rich food items are another effective teeth cleaning solution when you are out of cleansing aids. Anything might happen during the journey, better expect for the worse and preplan yourself. 


Eating mindfully during the travel, with raw fruits and vegetables can also protect your stomach from food poison. Above all, these foods are rich in vitamins and minerals, which can strengthen the tooth and gums, prevent periodontal disease, stimulate saliva and balance the PH, protect the oral cavity from caries attack, and refresh the mouth. 


Drink plenty of water :


Hydration is the best source for washing away the plaque deposits. Drinking plain water has numerous health benefits and in noway oral care is exceptional. Hydration helps to balance the acid content, detox the body, eliminate the unwanted wastes that deposited in the body, reduces inflammation, prevent infection and stimulate the energy. All these factors are perhaps well applicable to the oral environment as well. 


When you can’t brush your teeth after every meal during the journey ( at least most often ), drinking plenty of water is an effective alternative. By balancing oral PH, and removing the bacterial deposits, enough hydration helps to protect the tooth and gums from triggering of any microbial attack, pain or abscess formation. 


Carry portable oral hygiene kits for travel :

Solely prepare a separate teeth cleansing kit for travelling. So that you may not tend to miss any basic items to maintain your oral hygiene. Make sure to carry a toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, floss and mouthwash of your choice. Put it into your traveller bag and carry it every time wherever you go. Not each place you visit would guaranty to provide this basic stuff. For instance, if your plan for trekking, it is certainly not possible to find shops at your premises. Having portable oral hygiene products is another best option to have it in handy. 


Keep your toothbrush dry :


Are you fond of using travel case for your toothbrush? You might think it as an effective way to hold the bristles in an intact position and would consider it as a protective shield for the toothbrush. However, it is not true. When you pack the toothbrush in the closed atmosphere after brushing, the moist environment would likely to promote bacterial growth. The bacteria would multiply rapidly inside the travel case. The next time when you use it for brushing, you are insanely ingesting the same content. 


It is highly important to dry your toothbrush completely after brushing. Already oral environment would be flooded with bacterial growth, and you are brushing to remove it. When the brush is super-imposed with moisture for a longer time, you are simply doubling the risk of microbial action. 


Use mouthwash whenever possible on travel :


There might be situations where you cannot do the brushing. However, in these scenarios, mouthwashes are one effective alternative to reduce bacterial growth and to protect the oral environment. It is always better to use mouthwash as an adjuvant to brushing and flossing. However, using it solely as an oral cleansing modality during travel is still accepted. After all, something is better than nothing. 


Treat your teeth with chewing gums :


When you are at travel, it is not possible every time to brush or floss your teeth after every meal. Sugarfree chewing gums is another alternative to remove sticky food items from the oral cavity. Chewing gums also prevent drop of PH, which is another cause for bacterial bloom. At acidic PH, bacteria tend to grow rapidly. Chewing gums can effectively balance the PH of the oral environment, thereby providing a protective shield. 


After your enjoyment, just like getting back to your normal routine, it is important to get back to your oral hygiene practice. A journey is just a temporary event, and getting back on track is highly significant.  After all, you can’t take a vacation from oral hygiene. 




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