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Laser dentistry for gum depigmentation

Swollen gums

Gum hyperpigmentation might disturb you, particularly if you have a gummy smile. Too much of melanin deposits would give your gums the darker shades. It is just a natural process, and you need not worry. However, if you feel it is aesthetically unappealing, there are many ways in cosmetic dentistry to help you out. There is no point to lose your confidence when amazing technologies in dentistry can do magic to boost your self-esteem. Out of various treatments available for gum depigmentation, laser dentistry plays a pivotal role in treating the dark gingiva.


Laser dentistry for gum depigmentation :




The procedure does not require injection. Only topical application of anaesthetic agent is sufficient. The diode laser is passed through the pigmented gums. It is a technique sensitive procedure, where your doctor knows to limit the laser energy according to the requirement. The laser ablation procedure lasts for about 20-25 minutes depending on the severity. It is a single visit procedure, and you can see an immediate result. Since the melanin pigment and haemoglobin can absorb laser energy, you can see the result at a faster rate. There are no much diet restrictions except you need to avoid smoking, alcohol and spicy food for one day.


Benefits of gum depigmentation with laser dentistry:


No postoperative bleeding:


There is no bleeding after the procedure. In fact, you will rarely see bleeding during the laser dentistry procedure. Most instance, there won’t be a drop of blood loss at the time of treatment. 


No pain and discomfort:


You don’t feel any pain or discomfort after the procedure. In fact, you may encounter only mild pain during the process. You don’t need periodontal dressing or antibiotic after the laser dentistry treatment. You might need to take a mild painkiller for three days to combat the treatment impact.


No postoperative swelling:


You are completely free from any sort of inflammation. Your gums are perfectly alright after depigmentation procedure, and there will not be any swelling in that treated region. You may wonder whether you had been through the treatment or not! However, the treatment results are outstanding.  


Less time and more convenient:


Laser dentistry can effectively give you the desired result at a minimal time frame. That is the actual beauty of dealing with lasers. It is one of the most convenient procedures for treating gum hyperpigmentation. 




You shall confidently bring back your smile with laser dentistry to overcome gum hyperpigmentation. Certainly, the results are instant and comfortable. Also, you no need to suffer from postoperative challenges. 


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