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Laser-assisted tooth whitening

laser-assisted tooth whitening

A sparkling bright is something everyone seeks to have and to own ever. Brighten teeth also boost your confidence. Most often, people tend to reluctant for smiling because of the tooth colour. Consciously you might hide your smile. Most often, that will demotivate yourself in many aspects. Tooth whitening gives a way to overcome all your hesitance. You shall bring back your hidden bright teeth with teeth whitening procedure. The laser-assisted tooth whitening is in fact, more advantageous than the conventional one. 


Laser-assisted tooth whitening procedure:


In the laser-assisted tooth whitening procedure, your dentist will use the high energy diode laser to activate the whitening agent. The laser helps to release the oxidative substance from the agent, which is essential to remove the stains. The enhancement of bright white colour is directly proportional to the release of the amount of oxidative free radicals. The laser-assisted tooth whitening procedure can bring these changes more effectively than the conventional one.


Benefits of laser-assisted tooth whitening:


Less time :


The time taken by the laser procedure will be around 15-20 mins, whereas the conventional power bleaching will take for about 45-60 mins to give the desired outcome. Therefore, less chairside will give a quality and comfortable experience for you.  


Better result:


The laser can give better result in a short time. More oxidative free radicals are released within the biological limit in a shorter duration. This gives instant whitening of the tooth. 


No hypersensitivity:


Lasers have the capacity to minimize post bleach tooth hypersensitivity. The high energy laser beam can effectively block the dentinal tubules from the outer environment. It also reduces the chances of the loss of enamel. Hence your tooth is protected and restored with the same healthiness.


No gum irritation:


Because we are not using hydrogen peroxide here as a bleaching agent, gum irritation will not occur. So, the laser-assisted tooth whitening procedure is safe to use in spite of any oral condition. In fact, it helps to disinfect the gums as it has bacteriocidal property. 


No damage to the pulp:


Sometimes, in power bleaching, it will be hard to control the increase in temperature. This, in turn, will raise the intra-pulpal temperature, and chances to damage the pulp. However, the laser can control the raise of intra-pulpal temperature, as it is highly possible to control the emitting of diode energy. This helps to avoid unnecessary damage to the pulp. 




The laser-assisted tooth whitening is more advantageous for you to get an instant sparkling smile. You can confidently smile hereafter with the laser system. 

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