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Benefits of the laser-assisted wisdom tooth removal

Swollen gums

Impaction of wisdom tooth is pretty common nowadays. This is due to the fact that we decline our masticatory power by adopting to easily chewable food items. As an outcome, reduction in the jaw size has been adopting from the newer generations. The third molar that has to erupt in the early 20’s get stuck inside the bone. This is mainly due to lack of enough space for it to erupt. However, it tries to come out giving pain and discomfort. Sometimes, the tooth will also get the infection from the bacteria present in the oral cavity. During such condition, the tooth has to remove surgically. The laser plays an important adjuvant role in removing the wisdom tooth. 


Benefits of the laser-assisted wisdom tooth removal:


Minimal trauma to the soft tissue:


The lasers with high energy beam can cut the soft tissue precisely. It creates less trauma in the surgical site. Unnecessary waste of soft tissue involvement will not happen with lasers. 


Quick healing:


Since the laser-assisted wisdom tooth removal involves only minimal tissue for the procedure, it can heal much faster than the conventional one. Generally, it will take more than 10 days to heal the outer surface of the extraction site. However, with the laser, healing will take only half of its time. 


Precise closure:


The surgical incisions are precisely made with the lasers and hence it gets heal in the same manner. The afterwards closure will be so clear and definite. 


Less bleeding:


The lasers involve less/no cutting during the surgical procedure. This will minimize the overall bleeding. Also, the laser itself has the ability to control bleeding by ablating the blood vessels. As an outcome, you will experience very less waste of blood during the procedure. 


Reduce the chance of postoperative infection:


The lasers have bacteriocidal property. It certainly eliminates the bacteria from the surgical site. Hence, the chances for infection after the procedure, or in fact, during the procedure is also rare. 


Less swelling and discomfort:


Generally, conventional wisdom tooth removal requires cutting some amount of bone and soft tissue. This cause postoperative swelling and discomfort for a few days. Proper instructions have to follow for better healing. However, with the lasers, there is no requirement for compromising equal quantity of hard and soft tissues as like conventional one. Thus, postoperative swelling is minimal. This also improves your masticatory capacity. You can comfortably start your regular activities with a few days. 




Combining the lasers for the wisdom tooth removal is found to be one such efficient synergetic procedure. 

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