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Laser treatment for gum diseases

Gum diseases are highly unpredictable. Bacteria can easily attack the gums as the oral environment is full of microbes. Almost every one of you will have some level of gum infection. But the severity varies from person-to-person. Not only microbes, but there are various reasons for swollen gums. If your gum diseases are not treated on time, you might involve yourself to the risks of systemic illness


As naturopathy, oil pulling is found to be an effective adjuvant method for controlling the progression of gum diseases. However, it acts only as an adjuvant. Gum diseases have to be treated on time to avoid major damages. If you can care about the gums with conservative management, there would not be a necessity for advanced protocols. Because, if your gum disease progresses, you might tend to lose the tooth and it would cause functional impairments. 


Laser treatment for gum disease:


Conventional treatment for gum diseases includes scaling and root planning, where your teeth get treatment with ultrasonic instruments. In case, if your gums having a severe infection, then you may require gum surgeries. With recent technologies, lasers are found to be effective in treating gum disease. It is adjuvant therapy for severe gum disease management, or sometimes, only therapy to treat the moderate level of gum destruction with a better result.  


Most instance, in spite of treating gum diseases conventionally, there are chances to compromise in their prognosis. Laser treatment is proven to be efficient in improving gum health. 


Benefits of laser treatment in gum disease:


Less bleeding:


Laser treatment requires no cutting or sutures. You can expect minimal distortion with laser treatment compared to conventional management. Many gum procedures cause profused bleeding because of bacterial infection. With the laser, it is possible to control and minimise the bleeding. 


Decreases the risk of bacterial infection:


The laser has excellent bactericidal property. When your gums get laser treatment, it kills the bacteria that causes damages to your gums and other supporting structures. Thereby enhance your gum health. 


Short procedure :


Laser treatment requires minimal appointments. Also, the duration of each procedure is shorter than the conventional ones. 


Less discomfort:

Most of the conventional procedures, especially gum surgeries might give discomfort and pain for about ten days or so until the desired healing takes places. However, in laser treatment, healing is very quick and you might feel very mild discomfort. In fact, most of them would go with their regular activities from the day of the treatment. 


Also, you no need to be on a strict diet during laser treatment. It is fine to manage the procedure with minimal diet restrictions for fewer days. 


The laser treatment procedure for gum diseases:


The instrument that delivers laser is a pin-point tip, that is inserted into the infected pockets. As laser can kill bacteria effectively, it can remove the infectious tissues from the tooth and gum surface. Blood cells that can absorb the laser energy and minimize the treatment time. Lastly, the laser used to warm the stem cells that contain blood in the pocket, which creates a seal of the tissue against the tooth root. 


By the laser treatment, one can improve the wound healing of the gums. It causes minimal damages to the supporting structures like bones, ligaments, connective tissue and collagen. 


The hard calculus deposited on the tooth and the gums are then later removed with the ultrasonic instrument. 



you shall consider the laser treatment for gum diseases for solving the issue in a better way. Lasers in dentistry would not create harm to your body or to your dental structure. Each laser delivers different wavelength and power levels that can be used safely during periodontal procedures.  


By Health and Smile

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