platelet-rich plasma therapy in dentistry

How it would be if healing occurs much easily with minimal harm with the help of our own blood? Yes, it is possible to improve and enhance healing either it could be in chronic inflammation like osteoporosis, or any surgical procedures, or for hair growth, or for tissue repair in case of damages to tendons, ligaments and muscle by means of platelet-rich plasma therapy. 


Platelet-rich plasma therapy ( PRP) is typically used to reduce inflammation and to promote healing in hard and soft tissue. Platelet, as we all know is a type of blood cell, which has predominant function on blood clotting mechanism. Apart from clotting function, it also a source of growth factors involved in initiating and sustaining wound healing by accelerating bone repair, tissue formation and proliferating vascularity.


How platelet-rich plasma therapy used in dentistry?


Dental extraction :


Healing after removal of the tooth requires both soft and hard tissue regeneration. For complete healing to occur, it takes almost a month. This duration would further increase depend on other medical conditions like diabetes, the complexity of the extraction, etc. Particularly, third molar dis-impaction requires longer time for complete recovery. dry socket is more likely to happen in wisdom tooth removal. In such a scenario, injecting platelet-rich plasma is more likely to accelerate the healing process of the extraction socket and gives less post-extraction discomfort. 


 During gum surgery :


Gum surgeries are generally performed when there is a loss of supporting bone structure around the tooth and loss of soft tissue attachment. It typically requires adequate collagen synthesis for the treatment to be successful. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is one effective way to enhance collagen production. When platelet-rich plasma used along with other classic regenerative materials, it acts as a synergic effect on the outcome. 


Loss of tooth is more commonly occurs out of gum diseases. It could be due to poor oral hygiene, age factor, systemic illness, or other genetic and autoimmune factors. Maintaining intact and healthy gums are challenging one for everyone. When gums are extremely weakened, and bone loss is predominant, platelet-rich plasma therapy can be an adjuvant technique for better prognosis.


During oral surgery :


In the case of jaw fracture, platelet-rich plasma therapy helps to join the fracture line faster by enhancing regeneration of hard and soft tissue. Same is true in the case of implant surgery and sinus lift procedures. 


Necrosis of jaw bone :


Osteonecrosis of the jaw bone is difficult to treat in many instances, as it might pose the risk of exposing the bone further. The definitive treatment for bone necrosis ( either conservative or surgical ) is still controversial. Platelet-rich plasma therapy seems to be one efficient conservative management for healing to occur. Regeneration of new bone is essential for a necrosed portion to recover. It is highly possible by means of PRP therapy. 


Platelet-rich plasma therapy procedure?


Well, it is just a half an hour procedure. It does not require much chair side and certainly would not consume much of your time. However, one has to undergo venipuncture to withdraw blood. The collected blood is then centrifuged to separate platelet from other blood cells. It is injected into the affected area where healing has to takes place. Because the injection contains 5-10 times higher concentration of platelet than the other parts of the body, it speeds up the healing process. 

platelet-rich plasma


Side effects of platelet-rich plasma therapy :


The blood is drawn from your body. There won’t be a risk of any rejection or any adverse reactions to the injections. However, mild irritation or pain might occur at the injection site. Most people can resume their normal activity almost immediately after the procedure. 


However, this procedure is better to avoid if you have a history of cancer or you have any predisposing conditions for cancer. Although there is no reported case of tumour or dysplastic changes occurring out of platelet-rich plasma therapy, it is better to be cautious as it contains a rich source of growth factors in it. 


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