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Bullying children – a serious concern

Bullying might be a fun-filled activity for many around us; however, it imposes a serious impact on a child’s life. It could be for any reason like bullying about their low financial status, age and gender, complexion, performance, etc. Any sort of bullying like verbal or physical or relational or exclusion would affect children mental health. 

Traumas that affects children’s life with bullying include,

  • Physical abuses – right from the bruise to fracture could happen out of physical aggressiveness. Sometimes, unfortunate death can also occur. 
  • Inferiority complex – shame is the first moral emotion that affects the child after bullying, followed by guilt. 
  • Fear of facing public
  • Chronic insomnia and disturbed sleep
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Struggle to socialise and decreased social behaviour
  • Decreased cognitive skills and poor performance in studies
  • Gets easily demotivated and lacks courage
  • Influenced by negative thoughts and negative approaches
  • Emotionally weak but mentally stubborn
  • Becomes aggressive and rude when they grew up

These mental pain would not only affect their childhood but their entire life becomes miserable. Parents and school authorities play a major role in helping the child from bullying experience and provide them to overcome trauma and a path to live.

Parent’s role :

Being a parent, you are at the prime position to identify and help your kid from traumatising experiences. 

  • Develop a good rapport with your child and make him/her comfortable to express the inner feelings. The child should feel free to share anything with their parents without any hinderance, if not, then it is to be understood that there is a gap in parenting. 
  • Identify their discomfort behaviour at the earliest and help them sort out. Talk to them for at least 2-3 hours per day, particularly before bedtime. This would give them a relaxed mind and soothing feel, thereby helping to get good sleep.
  • Give them courage irrespective of what happens around them. Your presence is their pillar of strength.
  • Trust them wholeheartedly. Believing them could act as a gateway to overcome their hesitation.
  • Educate elders whenever possible. Particularly, parents of them fun-makers have to be notified and let them know how their kid’s activity is impacting someone’s life. Sometimes, even elders do involve in such bullying activities and proper insights are essential in order to prevent these kinds of miserable activities.
  • Notify school authorities like teacher or principal when things go out of control. Appropriate action has to be taken by the school authorities and it’s their responsibility to provide safety to every individual of their control. 

Teacher’s role :

Teachers play a pivotal role in the child’s behaviour and education. Unfortunately, most often teachers have less knowledge about bullying in their surroundings. However, making efforts to help their students to overcome and stop bullying would certainly give them job satisfaction and professional fulfilment. 

Children are our future generation and every child is unique. Bullying them for any reason would not only affect them for time being but it certainly creates a lifetime trauma. 


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