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Dental Diet and its importance

dental diet

Is there a way to keep your oral hygiene better just by regularizing your diet? Yes, certainly! What you eat has an influential role in the dental structures, particularly the fear of tooth decay. In fact, the state of our teeth and gums can often signal systemic problems, including cardiovascular disease, celiac disease, diabetes, sinus infection, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel disease, gastroesophageal reflux, alcoholism, and more. In fact, your dentist can sometimes diagnose these conditions before your general physician could do! If our eyes are a window to the soul, our teeth and gums are a window to our bodies. Following are the possible Do’s and Dont’s to prevent caries formation through proper dental diet.

Things to avoid :

  1.  Carbohydrate-rich foods are the prime culprits. Whenever you eat a starch-rich diet within 5 mins, blooming of bacterial growth will take place. However, it is not the only factor that triggers bacterial growth. The PH of the mouth acts in synergy to carbs to activate bacteria happily.
  2.  Frequency of carbs intake is equally important to the quality. Say 2-3 times a day seems to be convincing; however, 6-7 times a day is typically not healthy.
  3.  Acidic food like carbonated beverages, alcohol are prone to cause tooth damage
  4.  Smoking will eventually dry the mouth by reducing salivary flow and causes tooth decay.
  5.  Sugary contents and sticky foods like pizza, burger, chocolate, cheese, cookies etc, which has the tendency to stay on the mouth for longer duration are more likely to cause tooth cavity.
  6.  Avoid processed foods, not only for a healthy oral environment but also for the goodness of the entire body as such.

Things to do:

  1.  Rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal to avoid sticking of food inside the oral cavity for a longer duration.
  2. If possible, the best way to stay fit and healthy is to go back to the ancient way of practice. Eating indigenous food products that are rich in natural elements. Not only for the purpose of dental diet but also these diets are important for overall internal structures.
  3.  Eat a fibre-rich diet which would dramatically decrease caries formation. Also, food rich in proteins like whole grains, legumes, beans, skinless poultry, etc, and low fat like omega-3.
  4.  Probiotic foods like curd, batter, doughs, which are made of natural fermented elements are good at reducing the pathogens in gums and tooth.
  5.  Vitamins (especially vitamin A, C, D, and B complex, antioxidants ) and minerals (Particular phosphorous, zinc, calcium, iron, fluoride and magnesium ) are extremely important for healthy teeth, gums and other supporting structures.
  6. Vitamin C is the major source of collagen production, and importantly, all our tissues including hard structures like teeth and bones, are made of collagen.
  7.  Drink plenty of water to balance the PH
  8. Chewing gums with xylitol also help to some extent to balance the PH
  9.   Eat raw fruits and vegetables rather than in the juicy format
  10.  Brush twice daily, very importantly do it before bed

Eat healthily for a confident smile. Children’s teeth are more prone to caries attack and one main reason for this could their choice of food and not worried about the importance of dental diet. Even though, it is important to restore the child’s decayed tooth https://healthandsmile.in/2017/03/22/importance-of-restoring-childrens-tooth/ for various reasons, it is much better if we could find a way to prevent caries formation at all.

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