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12 amazing oral facts to know


Like other structures of the body, the oral structure is also unique in many ways. Here comes the most exciting facts about your mouth, that surprise you.


Masticatory muscles especially masseter is one of the strongest muscle in the body. It is as strongest as your biceps and triceps and holds the lower jaw intact.


The tongue is highly vascularized. If you injure your tongue, it will bleed profusely; however, heals quickly. In most instance, you might not require any medicine to heal the tongue, except for masking the pain.


The pulp is the innermost structure of the tooth which is rich in blood vessels and nerves. The arterioles in the pulp are highly pressurized and exhibit the highest pressure among the other microvasculature in the entire body.


The tooth is innervated only with pain receptors. That is the reason whatever insults on tooth structure, it will be represented as pain only. To highlight further, innervation is ample and to get it straight, tooth pain is the third most unbearable pain in the world.


The oral structure holds largest amount of micro-organisms in the body, and it starts attacking since birth. Hence it is crucial to consider oral hygiene right from birth.


Because of intensified microbial action in the oral environment, immunity plays a pivotal role here. During the immunocompromised condition, it immediately reflects on the oral structure like increased fungal or with other pathogenic infection.


Formation of tooth buds occurs well before birth, say it starts at 4th month of pregnancy itself. However, the eruption of the tooth takes place only after 6 months of life.


saliva is enriched with enzymes. Digestion of food actually starts at the oral cavity and not in the stomach. For this reason, it is important to chew food properly before swallowing.  Saliva also has antimicrobial property,  thereby protecting the oral environment.


Enamel is the outer most structure of the tooth and it is the hardest substance in the human body. Though it resembles bone by containing calcium and phosphorous, it is actually not. When bone can grow and fuse on repair, enamel cannot. Once it is lost, lost forever. However, the next layer called dentin can grow and repair.


Like a fingerprint, everyone’s tongue print is different. Likewise, your tooth and lips are unique too. No two people have the same set of teeth, lips and tongue. 


There is no hair follicles and sweat glands in the mouth. When sweat glands are important to moisten and hydrate the body, devoid of sweat glands in the lips would cause it to dry faster.


The mouth is one of the bodies sensitive organ. It has rich innervation of nerves and so incredibly sensitive to heat, cold, touch etc.

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