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Bad breath that actually hints systemic illness

bad breath

Almost everyone feels unsecured because of bad breath and hesitate to develop a conversation with anyone. When 90% of halitosis is because of oral condition and its corresponding poor oral hygiene, 10-15% of halitosis indicates underlying systemic diseases.

bad breath that hints systemic illness :

Poor oral hygiene :

In most instance, oral problems are the cause of malodour. Rotten egg smell because of the breakdown of cysteine amino acid is the prime reason and it is out of poor oral hygiene.

In another case, there is something called hunger breath. When you frequently fast or skip a meal, it causes a reduction in salivary flow thereby decreasing bacterial clearance, which gives sulfuric odour.

Diabetes :

In uncontrolled diabetes, because of ketones breakdown, breath has fruit smell, which is also called a ketone smell. It indicates your high time to show concern on your blood sugar level.

Respiratory illness :

Cheesy odour in your breath would be mostly because of nasal origin. Nasal tract obstruction in case of sinusitis is more likely to give a cheesy smell.

In lower respiratory tract obstruction like asthma, cystic fibrosis, or pneumonia or in fact lung cancer could give acidic smell in the breath, and it also can give an altered taste. In these conditions, the mucous secretion becomes thickened and liberate acidic smell.

Rotting flesh odour is sensed in tonsillitis, which is caused mostly due to upper respiratory tract infection. Bacterial bloom in these conditions is likely to produce rotten flesh smell. Rarely this odour is also smelt in cirrhosis of the liver, which is also similar to rotten egg or decayed blood smell.

Kidney disease :

The fishy smell in your breath is an indication for kidney disease. When kidney damages, increase in urea level gives ammonia scent in the breath.

Liver disease :

Sweet musty odour in the breath indicates liver failure. Breakdown of Sulphur containing amino acid in the liver failure condition like hepatic coma gives sweetened musty smell.

Gut disease :

Faecal order in the breath is mostly because of bowel obstruction or constipation. However, apart from that, most of the gut originated conditions like GERD (gastric oesophagal reflux disorder) or heartburn, acidity, bloating, burping and all gives unusual taste and halitosis.

So, when you have bad breath it is not the time to embarrass,  instead, it is an alarming sign to keenly focus on your health issues and correct the underlying cause at the earliest.

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