When to visit a dentist ?

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Hello everyone, today on Doctors day, I am extremely overwhelmed after receiving wishes from my patients, well-wishers, family and friends. So blessed to have positive vibes around me, and this is what acts as a motivational booster to serve better. Yes, what else is required than a heartwarming wishes from loved people in and around ? Thank you one and all !

Sometimes, it is not uncommon to see peoples’ negligence to oral care. The most common reasons they give are either unawareness or fear of dentist/ dentistry as such. If you are one among them, then comment your reason below. I will try to give you a better solution to overcome the issue.

So, what is the ideal period to seek a dentist support?

Well, as a dentist I would say there is no such ideal time to look for a dentist. You can even develop a friendly relationship with your dentist, anytime at your wish. It would not only helps to maintain good rapport with your doctor, but also it helps you to feel more comfortable and less agitated during any dental treatment. Typically a friendly relationship with your doctor is more necessary to built trust from both the end.

Apart from this, as a patient, any emergency time is a must period to see a dentist. For instance, as a dental complaint, tooth pain is the most common one. Have you ever know that tooth pain is the third most unbearable pain in the world next to colon cancer and pregnancy pain. Saying so, when you face it, there is no point of trying to subside it with home remedies, as it is neither a permanent solution nor controllable though. Within a span of weeks or months, you will certainly triggered with pain, but this time the damage would be much worse than before. Probably it will be with abscess formation when left unheard at the first shot of pain. Its better to be late than never.

However, prevention is better than cure. Our body always give some sort of warning indications before moving to actual signs and symptoms. If you listen to your body’s minute changes, most often it could prevent a major issue in the future. When coming to oral structures, certain indications like black or brown dot on the tooth structure, tooth sensitivity, abrasion or attrition of tooth structure, plaque and calculus deposition, bleeding of gums, sudden painful/painless ulcers, scrapable/non-scrapable spots on mucosa, burning sensation, altered tastes, jaw pain, cheek muscle pain etc are some of the indicators for certain bigger harmful conditions. So its better to visit your dentist as soon as you detect any of such changes to prevent from any further adverse effects.

Nevertheless, first tooth emerges in the oral cavity at around the age of 6 months and since then it is better to have a regular dental visit once an year for better results. Early detection of any changes, for example identification of tooth eruption at right time is an indication for certain hormonal imbalance or genetic anomalies.

Likewise, early dental visits are not only good for your oral structure, but sometimes it also acts as an indicator for your overall health condition.

Feel healthy, live healthy !




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