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Dental crown and bridge – tips and hacks

dental crown

Are you wearing dental crown/cap and new to it? are you not sure about how to maintain it properly? Well, then this blog is exactly for you. No matter if you are a newbie or have experience with tooth crowns and bridges, it is required to have some insights about how to manage them, which is then important to maintain it sustainably.

It is like mixed emotions for most of the people to have a dental crown or bridge. You may go through the phase of anxiety, excitement, scepticism, cautiousness and much more before opting for your first crown. On top of that, it has become a matter of esthetics nowadays beyond functional importance and it costs you heavily. Keeping all those in mind, certainly you cannot afford to lose it just because of carelessness. Any prosthetic kept inside the body has to be taken care of and so, crowns and bridges too. Without delaying further let’s move on to the topic straight.

How to manage the dental crown or bridge?

Avoid eating for an hour :

Immediately after placing it, do not consume any food including liquids for an hour. It takes time for the cementation to set and hold firmly in the tooth structure. It is necessary to give that breathing time.

Don’t chew on that side for a day :

Do not chew on that side for a day and for the same above reason. If you have taken full mouth rehabilitation and fixed partial denture(FPD) is kept on both the side of your mouth, then better to prefer for mild to soft diet for a single day. This one day rest is certainly adequate for the crown/bridge to attain its full strength. FPD basically takes support from any of the adjacent tooth structure and so it is necessary to give time to bond.

Give a week of breathing time :

You might feel inconvenient at the beginning; however, it is well accommodated. After all, it is a prosthesis and you will take your own time to get adapted. Till then what you require is nothing but patience. Nevertheless, it will not take more than a few days to get adapted, and you feel discomfort even after a few weeks, then it is high time to report to your dentist.

Maintain good oral hygiene :

As a maintenance protocol, it is crucial to have proper oral hygiene. Plaque and calculus bloom is so common in the prosthetic region if you don’t care for the oral structures. As a consequence, you may tend to lose the abutment tooth ( the one which provides support to your bridge) and cause these entire prosthetic efforts as useless in all means. In other instances, it may tend to affect other supporting structures too. It is better recommended to do scaling/ oral prophylaxis at least once a year. To know more about scaling or if you have any false perception regarding this procedure, kindly click the link to clear your hesitation FEAR OF TEETH CLEANING

Mind what you eat :

Most of the dental crowns are made of high-quality ceramics and the food you eat will influence the colour tone of the structure in due course of time. Avoid adding artificial colouring agents in your meal and in fact, it is a way for healthy life too.

Biting hard substances like meat and bone are well manageable and bearable by FPD as the modern products are highly durable nowadays and thanks to them; however, it is better to avoid biting too hard or using it for undesirable purposes like using prosthesis as a bottle opener, etc. It may tend to fracture the crown.

Avoid habits :

Habits like smoking and other forms of tobacco have bad influence on crowns and bridges. From staining, affecting gums, loosening of teeth till cancer it could cause and it is wiser to avoid them permanently.

Stay out of stress :

If you have the habit of night grinding or bruxism, better get it treated as it may brittle or abrade the crown structure sooner or later. To know more about bruxism, click the link Bruxism or teeth grinding

Finally, crowns and bridges are meant for adding up your functionality, movement, protection and esthetic. It consumes a tremendous amount of time with minute works and uniqueness to design a prosthesis according to your morphology. Take good care of it and you deserve to have a beautiful smile ever.

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