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Systemic diseases associated with gum disease

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is not only important for oral health but also in some instance it is significant to avoid risk factors of certain systemic ailments. Mild gum inflammation when left unattended for long term will more likely prognose into Periodontitis, which is the chronic irreversible damaged condition of the gums, with or without tooth loss.

Such degenerative process has two major mechanisms, which predispose to risk factor for many systemic diseases.

Firstly, these chronic periodontitis has minute multiple ulcerative erosions on the lining mucosa which acts as direct route of entry for the bacteria into systemic circulation. Systemic infections are known to induce a hypercoagulable state and to increase blood viscosity.

Secondly, blood coagulants counts and WBC counts in the blood are increased in periodontal disease. Such chronic inflammation and increased level of inflammatory cells are predisposing factors for various systemic diseases.

For instance, Atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases like myocardial infraction, ischemic heart disease and stroke which most commonly associated with thrombi are found to contain virulent periodontal micro organisms. Click the link to know about Relationship between the heart and the tooth .

Secondly, there is a bidirectional connection associated with periodontal disease and Diabetes. Consistent evidence has emerged that severe periodontitis adversely affects glycemic control in both diabetic and non-diabetic subjects. In patients with diabetes there is a direct and dose-dependent relationship between periodontal severity and dose dependent complication. To know more about the connection between diabetes and its oral effects click the link Diabetes and its oral effects

In the above case, chronic inflammation acts as a predisposing factor. Not only in Diabetes, but also in other health conditions like Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), Pneumonia, Premature birth, Obesity, Metabolic syndrome, Cognitive disorders, to deadly Cancers have fearful connections out of this mechanism that occur in periodontal disease. To know more about cancer and its oral disease association, kindly click this link  Risk of liver cancer due to poor oral hygiene

To conclude, because of all these possibilities, maintaining good oral hygiene has become a major consideration, not only for betterment of mouth and its supporting structures, but also for the systemic well-being.


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