Liver cancer risk due to poor oral hygiene

liver cancer

Does the title have alarmed you! Yes, the study alarmed me too. Research with 6 years of follow-ups has found that there is a strong correlation between the risk of developing liver cancer and poor oral hygiene. As I always highlight the importance of oral health and how it has interlinked with other body structures, now comes another information which urges everyone to consider oral hygiene with utmost seriousness.

Poor oral hygiene generally includes inflamed and bleeding gums, loosened tooth structure, plaque and calculus with high microbial accumulation, and more likely accentuated with habits. Maintaining a healthier oral environment is of a  necessary requirement in this fast-moving world.

What causes the risk of liver cancer due to poor oral care? 

Well, the exact aetiology is unclear as of now; however, there are certain possible connections which support this condition firmly.

Reactive oxygen metabolites:

You must be emphasized every time to consume ample of antioxidant-rich diets for detoxification of the body List of antioxidant-rich food products. Perhaps, the otherwise oxidants are highly toxic, which emerges in the body particularly during chronic inflammatory conditions. Periodontitis is an irreversible chronic inflammatory condition of the gums and its supporting structure which could produce more number of reactive oxygen metabolites/ substance. These undesirable ROS are the predominant reason for cancer development in any part of the body. Thus, poor oral hygiene has a direct contribution to increased ROS level in the body. When this augment with smoking, the outcome would be still worse.

Oral and gut microbes : 

The liver is one main organ for the elimination of virulent microbes from the body. When the liver is affected with cirrhosis, hepatitis, alcohol or any other condition, its degrading functional capacity would certainly affect the microbial elimination process as well. As a result, the blooming of microbes would eventually take place within the respective structures. This further weakens the liver and make it prone to cancerous growth.

Low nutrient diet :

When tooth structure is lost due to poor oral health, mostly you have to choose for soft diet options; however, they are certainly less of adequate nutritional requirements, particularly of vitamins and minerals. This in turn attribute to the risk of cancer development.


Liver cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world. Nevertheless, you develop cancer or not, it is wiser to maintain proper oral hygiene to avoid one or the other potential risk factors.


Reference : 

Haydée WT Jordão, Gerry McKenna, Úna C McMenamin, Andrew T Kunzmann, Liam J Murray, Helen G Coleman. The association between self-reported poor oral health and gastrointestinal cancer risk in the UK Biobank: A large prospective cohort study. United European Gastroenterology Journal, JUNE 8,2019; 205064061985804


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