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5 Common reasons for sudden mouth sores

Oral sores are inevitably faced by everyone of us at one or the other time of our life. Have you ever wondered what cause these ulcers? Sometimes, we believe they come for no reason. However, it has to be understood that they are the reflections for our bodily reactions. Here comes the common 5 reasons for sudden oral ulcers.


yes, stress is the foremost reason for an unknown mouth ulcers. When you are in the chronic distress, it will typically reflect on your mouth as painful sores, particularly on the tongue and labial mucosa. Without overcoming the root cause, it is difficult to cure its reoccurrence.

Viral infection:

Herpes viral infection has tendency to produce blisters in the oral cavity; however those blisters are minute and it becomes ulcers very soon, say within a day. Nevertheless, being the viral infection, in most of the cases, it is preceded or accompanied by fatigue and fever. Adequate hydration is essential to wash out viral infection.

Sharp tooth:

Sometimes repeated traumatic injuries on the tongue by the broken or chipped out tooth structure could cause ulcers in the involved region. Eliminating the cause by smoothening the tooth structure would provide solution.

Oral cancer:

Oral cancer is the second most common cancer in India, and fortunately, it can be detected at early stage with proper awareness. It arises as a small painless ulcer, which typically enlarges in size in short span of time. Immediately refer your doctor if you have seen an abnormal painless ulcer all of a sudden, and predominently have some extra caution if you have habits like smoking or having tobacco in any form.

Vitamin deficiency:

Inadequate vitamins in the diet, Particularly B vitamins, could cause mouth sores. B-complex supplements would be helpful to boost the imbalance; however it has to followed by proper nourishments.

Even-though there are multiple reasons linked with ones own mouth ulcers, the above mentioned are the most common causes. However, never forget to get proper consultation for accurate identification and treatment.



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