Can oral infection cause sinus pain?

Sinus pain is a common issue in this polluted atmosphere and the most commonly affected one is the maxillary sinuses. But sometimes we don’t understand the exact reason for tenderness over the sinus. If you encounter a pain in the cheek region for no cause, and even if recurrence is predominant after multiple course of medications,  then it is the time to analyze your molars or premolars teeth. yeah, it might sound funny , but the fact is, if your back teeth gets infected it is more likely to enter the sinus region. Here comes the following possibilities ,


In many cases, the bone density between the molar roots and the sinuses are very minimal or nil, which makes it easier for the infection to directly enter the sinuses. It is not to be forgettable that oral cavity is the major source of micro organism’s inhabitant. Unfortunately, upper molar teeth are more prone for caries attack. Without proper intervention at the right time, you are more likely allowing the pathogens to enter the other region.

To overcome this, early identification of the possible tooth cavitation is much appreciated, particularly molars and premolars but not restricted to this. Filling the tooth at the early stage of carious attack would probably be the best solution and economical too. However, it’s rather better to be late than never. Detecting your problem even after it spreads outside through the tooth roots are well appreciable for the issue being solved. Although root canal treatment is pretty expensive, sometimes I believe, we have to pay for our own negligence. When the infection is up to the roots, RCT becomes an available option, and in some situation, it might be accompanied with certain minor surgical procedures like periapical surgery and sinus augmentation.


Rarely, swollen gums on the rear tooth region due to various conditions including medical and dental reasons Reasons for swollen gums, acts as a source for causing sinusitis. It is necessary to maintain the healthy gums intact to avoid future complications, not only for the purpose of oral protection but also for the other structures.

Proper oral prophylaxis would preferably helpful to prevent spreading of infection through gums. During advanced gum infections like periodontitis or abscess, flap surgeries could probably prevent the further damages.


Early 20’s are the age for the eruption of third molars. When it gets impacted within the bone, it might imitate as pain in the sinus or sometimes it might get infected too. This might also cause difficulty in opening the mouth and throat infection. As a solution, surgical removal of wisdom teeth would give an instant relief.

Hence, whenever you feel sinusitis, not necessarily it has to be from nasal origin. Sometimes, oral infection could also trigger sinus pain or lesser extend as a referred pain over maxillary sinuses.






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