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10 Natural ways of dealing stress

Pain and stress has strong correlation and inter related to each other. In the present world, depression is one of the chronic disorder which negatively impact the persons growth. When a person is on chronic stress, eventually he will become hyperalgesic, where he shows extreme sensitivity to mild stimulation and vice versa. The tolerating capacity may get diminished. It is essential to balance the life to live healthier.

In order to overcome stress, apart from medical interventions, there are certain natural modalities available which could be followed effectively and efficiently to improve the quality of life. These includes,

  •  Changing the sleep cycle. Practicing the habit of Early wake and early bed will helps to go in accordance with the natural mechanism of the body. Sun is the natural source of energy and helps to rejuvenate the body during sun rise. Also that, certain hormones like somatotropin are typically secreted during sleep, hence adequate sleep at right time is important.


  • In general, the metabolic activity will be tremendously high in the morning and gradually decreases during night. Dumping the stomach in dinner will collapse the metabolism and impairs the proper sleep cycle. Ideally dinner should be wind up by on or before 8 pm.


  • Breathing fresh air at the early morning, where the pollution is minimal, helps to open up the respiratory system, and freshen the brain thus activating the neural system.


  • Meditating at this time, will helps to refresh the thought process by intensifying the focus and determination.


  • Regular physical activity plays a vital role. It not only improve the tonicity of the muscles and rejuvenate the body and controls the pain but also provide a positive vibration around the body which helps for relieving stress.


  • Hydrating the body adequately will helps to remove the toxins, this in-turn controls the chronic inflammatory conditions effectively.


  • Eating healthy foods and avoiding junks will improvise the health.


  •  Sweating is one of the effective way to remove toxins.


  • Changing the life style from sedentary to active is crucial.


  • More than what we eat, eating at right time is significantly important. Giving less stress to digestive system will helps to solve most of the stress related conditions.

Even-though stress is a chronic mental illness, it is possible to handle and keep it under control by making reasonable changes in the life style

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