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Influence of lifestyle on lower backpain

Patient : doc, I am having severe back-pain. Sometimes it is extremely unbearable. I am scared !! Am I suffering from any serious issue?
Doctor : ho! Please relax, do not panic! Let us sort it out. But before proceeding into it, I would like to know a few things about your regular activities
Patient : yes sure, I will give you the honest answers
Doctor : That’s good. Ok tell me, have you ever met with trauma or accident before ?
Patient : No doc. I hardly prefer to travel and I had never encountered such incidents
Doctor : Fine. What’s your nature of work?
Patient : Well, I work in a corporate company, and almost I will spend my days with laptop
Doctor : oh ok! How do you start the day? What sort of physical activity you do ?
Patient : I do not have enough time to spend for such things. Infact I am a nocturnal person. I will wake up late in the morning. I always go to office in a hurry.
Doctor : humm.. So what you will do in the leisure time?
Patient : As you know I have tight schedules, I always prefer to spend my free time by relaxing on sofa and watching TV , chit chatting with friends and family, having mouth watering foods, by taking a good nap, like that.
Doctor : So, as such you are leading a sedentary life !
Patient : Not exactly, but yes!
Doctor : So, how can you expect your body to support you?
Patient : what !!!

Hah, have you been one among this category ? Then, this is for you.

Lower back pain is a chronic disease which is quite common in this modern world. The pain starts at the lumbar – sacral region and slowly aggravate by restricting the movements. The pain often mimic disc prolapse or disc displacement. Before going into major investigation, it is important to rule out the life style impact.

When living in a sedentary life, the body mechanism becomes weakened. The foremost affected portions are the lower back muscles, Which in turn will weaken the bones of that region. It is essential to correct the lifestyle before going into medical interventions. This chronic condition will not only affect the physical stability, but also will cause mental disturbances due to lack of adequate sleep and prolonged pain.

Having regular physical activity is one of the essential element for this condition. This not only plays a vital role in muscle strengthening but also improves the quality of life. Being physically fit will boost up the confidence and helps to overcome anxiety and depression. While exercising, the body will release certain chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interacts with the receptors in the brain, which reduces the perception of pain. Endorphins also triggers a positive feel in the body.

Thus it is significantly important to get involve in active physical workout to cope up with the chronic pain. It is not merely advisable to sit continuously in a place for more than 45 mins. Multiple stretches in between such longer durations are highly recommended.

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