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Different ways of teeth whitening

laser-assisted tooth whitening

A whiter and brighter smile is the wish for every one of us. This topic is about giving the facts, ideas and possibilities, pros and cons of undergoing teeth whitening treatment.

Why do the teeth get discoloured?

There are various reasons for the teeth discolouration.

  • External factors include tea, coffee, tobacco, food products etc stain the teeth, which on long term exposure discolour the teeth permanently
  • Intrinsic factors include a defect in enamel and dentin formation, intake of certain medications, excessive or reduced level of certain minerals in the body etc.
  • Age factor has a significant role in teeth discolouration. When age increases, the enamel gets abraded due to various mechanical and chemical factors, exposing the underlying dentin thereby giving the yellowish tint to the tooth structure.

Who are all the ideal people to undergo the teeth whitening procedure?

  • young age people who are having the sound and healthy enamel
  • The permanent staining caused due to extrinsic factors
  • Mild to moderate level of staining caused due to intrinsic factors

Who is unfit to take up this procedure?

  • Old people whose dentin are exposed
  • Severe level of defect occured due to intrinsic factor.
  • discolouration caused due to decay of the tooth, discolouration occured on the fillings and crown restoration.

What are all the various ways to get the teeth whitened?

  • Use of teeth whitening toothpaste that is approved by ADA. It contains micro abrasives that are nominal enough to whiten the teeth. The duration of its usage will be according to the prescription of your dentist, which are based on the oral condition.
  • Teeth whitening IN-OFFICE procedure, which is carried out in the dental office. It is the single sitting procedure, where the total duration will be for 45 mins to 1 hour with multiple applications of the bleaching agent (hydrogen peroxide), followed by AT- HOME bleaching trays (optional).
  • Teeth whitening AT – HOME procedure, in which a splint and a bleaching kit ( containing carbamide peroxide) are given to the patient and instructed to use it for 30 mins to 4 hours per day according to the concentration of the bleaching agent prescribed. The total duration of this treatment is for up to 2 – 4 weeks according to the intensity of discolouration.

Ideally, the above procedure can provide the result for three years but it all depends on the lifestyle or food habits you follow.

Side effects

A few people can encounter teeth sensitivity for a few days after the treatment but these are temporary and can be fixed by desensitizing toothpaste or fluoride application or neutralisers. 

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