Person 1 : I think i wanted to clean my teeth. I am having bleeding gums and bad breath. But I have never done it before. So i am certainly scared of going to the dentist. Will the procedure be very painful?

person 2: don’t you brush your teeth regularly!!!!

person 1: definitely i do it daily…why???

person 2: Then why you wanted to go unnecessarily!!!! Listen, i knew it well. I had done cleaning once because my dentist asked me to do so as my gums are weak. But you know what!!! It was a nightmare… The procedure was very scary….my gum was bleeding so much during the process and the procedure was really painful. On top of that, it created gap between all my teeth. Almost for two weeks i felt very discomfort 

person 1 : OMG…. this is so scary !!! But where is the gap now??? I don’t see anything….

Person 2: It took almost a month for the gums to get back to its postion to close the gap. But why to undergo such messy procedure when you can handle it well by your brushing itself. Harmless rite!!!

person 1: yeah….you are rite !!!! I will not go then. I would have been in trouble if I wouldn’t met you. Thank you !!!

Dentist : huh…. what on earth is happening !!!!! 

Lol…so do you fall under this category? This blog is all about to enlighten the facts and importance of scaling regularly.

Oral hygiene is one of the most important factor in determining ones own health status. It is not only significant for the oral health but also very much important for the entire internal system of the body. Oral cavity lodges the maximum number of micro organisms and it is essential to keep it under control to lead a healthy life. Scaling is the basic cleaning technique that removes the hard mineralized calculus ( which a normal brushing cannot do) and soft food debris and plaques, which are the most contributing factor for the adherence of micro organisms.

Generally people avoid scaling for two main reasons:

  • Fear of pain/ sensitivity
  • Occurrence of gap between the tooth

Here i am giving a few general facts that everyone should know and understand before scaling ( teeth cleaning )

  • The normal morphology of teeth possess only one point contact and it always have gap in between each tooth which are covered by the healthy gums
  • Immediately after birth , micro organisms starts to colonize in the oral cavity and depend on the tooth structure, food we eat, PH, consistency of saliva, etc , the loosely arranged microbes start to deposit and gets mineralized which in-turn acts as the source of its adherence.
  • This mechanism irritates the healthy gums and dislodge them.
  • Over the time it weakens the gums and there when the gum starts to bleed and abnormal gap develops between the tooth. Unfortunately people are insane about this pathological changes and tends to believe that as the normal morphology of the tooth and its supporting structures.
  • During scaling, this hard mineralized deposits are removed ( which was mistakenly believed to be chipping of tooth structure by some patients ) leaving an open space between tooth, which where then reconstructed back by the growing healthy gums over the period of time. Until that healing process completes, mild sensitivity do elicit.
  • If this deposits were not removed, will further irritate the gums and cause the microbes to destruct the supporting structures causing loosening of the tooth.
  • Tooth is very hard structure which cannot be disintegrated by the scaler alone.
  • The irritation and insult to the gum by these deposits are directly proportional to the bleeding of gums during procedure.
  • Patient may elicit sensitivity during scaling but not the pain as such.

Thus fear of poor oral hygiene is much more important than the fear of taking up the procedure that rectifying it. Knowing the status of your oral health and maintaining its hygiene is an essential factor to be considered.




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